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Posted is a flexible platform that expertly generates insights and recommendations, using claims data, fee schedules, and organization rules.
  • Predict denials, underpayments, and reimbursement—including deep drill-down analysis
  • Catch errors before they become expensive
  • Automate manual tasks to save your staff time
Since Posted works through AI natural language processing, Posted is implemented in days not months.
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Image of dashboard featuring analytics and claims breakdown
Use Cases for Practices
Impactful Recommendations
Posted uses AI to deeply cross-reference your claims with contracts and historical data to answer any revenue integrity question.
In 2022, Posted helped a practice identify that 13.4% of claims were underpaid.
Image of dashboard featuring analytics and claims breakdown
Projections and Predictions
Posted can deeply analyze your claims for reimbursement trends.
See how Posted helped a practice predict aging AR with 97% accuracy.
How Other Practices Use Posted
Claim Routing
Posted automatically learns when claims are misrouted and alerts practice admins—saving months of time waiting for payment.
Incorrect claims are flagged and provided with corrective actions, reducing denials and improving time-to-payment.
Automatic Appeal Generation
If a claim is denied or underpaid, Posted uses AI to automatically identify problematic claims, understand relevant contract clauses.
Then, Posted will generate and send appeals in bulk.
Address Any Revenue Integrity Question
Posted is designed to be flexible for your practice, discovering new insights and addressing any RCM problem that your practice prioritizes. Best of all, Posted has a rapid implementation that's completed in days, not months.
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